12 Beers of Christmas - Day 4

On the fourth day of Lynch's Irish Tavern's 12 Beers of Christmas, we have Bell's Brewery Cherry Stout!

This unique stout combines the rich flavors of roasted malts with the sweet tartness of cherry to create a delightful and festive brew. Bell's Brewery, known for their high-quality craft beers, has truly outdone themselves with this creation.The Cherry Stout pours a deep, dark brown with a creamy tan head. As you bring the glass to your lips, the aroma of roasted malt and dark chocolate fills the air, enticing you to take that first sip.Upon tasting, you'll be greeted with a smooth and velvety texture, leading to flavors of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and a subtle hint of cherry. The cherry flavor is not overpowering but rather adds a pleasant fruity note that complements the roasted malt character perfectly.

The finish is dry and slightly bitter, making it a great choice for those who prefer stouts with a more pronounced hop presence. The cherry flavors linger on the palate, leaving you craving another sip.Pair this Cherry Stout with hearty dishes like roasted meats, charcuterie, or even chocolate desserts. It's a versatile beer that can be enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment to your favorite holiday treats.

So, on this fourth day of Lynch's Irish Tavern's 12 Beers of Christmas, raise a glass of Bell's Brewery Cherry Stout and toast to the holiday season. Cheers!